Hand-woven Rug


 When your room needs a dash of color and pop of personality, this wonderfully Hand-woven Round Rug is just the ticket.

  • Made of 100% Wool
  • Hand Woven
  • soft and comfortable.
  • Easy care
  • Cotton linen woven bottom
  • Anti-skid, protection floor

Size: diameter 90cm
Thickness: about 12mm thickness

Cleaning Way: A little dust vacuum cleaner can clean up. To Clean Stains, below 40-degree warm water can be suitably used with some neutral detergent.

Because the volume limit is very strict, it can only be folded packed, it has the creases, but the creases are very easy to recover, spread it under the coffee table for a while, walk around, and also use heavy things press on it, the carpet will be flat

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